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Googol Deskbar Help

How to use the Googol Deskbar

The Googol Deskbar is a small application that sits in your Windows taskbar. Googol Deskbar lets you search the web right from taskbar.

Googol Deskbar makes your web search life easier

•  Type a query in the search box and press Enter.
The results appear in a mini-browser next to the taskbar. When you're done, a click anywhere outside takes the mini-browser away.

•  Press Ctrl+Alt+G from anywhere to jump to the Googol Deskbar.
To make searching as easy as possible, you can use this shortcut from anywhere on your desktop. The cursor moves to Googol Deskbar, copying selected text or clipboard data into the search box.

•  View results either in the mini-browser or a browser window.
Googol Deskbar usually shows results in a small window (the mini-browser) without opening a browser. If you prefer, you can have it display your results in a browser window.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To make searching as easy as can be, Googol Deskbar gives you keyboard shortcuts you can use both from within the Deskbar and from other applications.

From anywhere on your desktop...

Move cursor to Googol Deskbar (Ctrl+Alt+G)

When you press Ctrl+Alt+G from any Windows application, the cursor moves to the Deskbar search box , ready for you to type.

Googol Deskbar tries to anticipate your search. If you selected text in another application or have text on the clipboard, Googol Deskbar inserts the text into the search box. It's easy for you to change the text, if you want to.

From within Googol Deskbar...

Several actions have their own keyboard shortcuts:


Ctrl + T


Ctrl + D

Search Froogle

Ctrl + F

Google Groups

Ctrl + U

Google Images

Ctrl + I

This shortcuts is used only with default layout. Shortcuts differ with other layouts.

If you never want to use the mini-browser, you can disable it on Display search results in mini-browser tab of Options .

Menu items

Googol Deskbar menu itemsTo open the Googol Deskbar menu, click on the Googol Deskbar triangle triangle to the right of the search icon .

There are many layouts in Googol Deskbar. Layouts allows you to quickly change configuration of deskbar. Layout can completely change design of deskbar, menu items and functionality. To change Layout open menu and go to Change layout item, then choose layout.

Here are some searches available in default layout.




Takes you to a list of definitions of your search term gathered from various online sources. ( Ctrl+D )

Search Froogle

Froogle is Google's product search service. This item takes you to a Froogle search results page for the term you entered into the search box. On it you'll find relevant products and links to the stores that sell them. ( Ctrl+F )

Google Groups

Enables you to easily search within Google Groups , Google's Usenet archive. ( Ctrl+U )

Google Images

Gives you access to Google Image Search , the most comprehensive compendium of images on the web. ( Ctrl+I )

Search Web

The heart of Googol Deskbar; type search terms and see what Google finds for you. ( Enter )

Other Menu Items

There are also a small number of items on the menu for working with Googol Deskbar itself. Here's what they mean.



Clear AutoComplete History

As you type a term in the search box , Googol Deskbar's AutoComplete feature tries to finish that term based on your own history, that is, what you've typed into it before. This tells Googol Deskbar to forget the history it knows about.


Here you can change Googol Deskbar mode. Googol Deskbar can work in two modes: docked and float. In docked mode deskbar sits in taskbar. In float mode it can be dragged over screen.


When choose this item your search keyword will be highlighted in mini-browser

Change layout

Here you can choose layout from the list and switch deskbar to it.

Googol Deskbar

Under this menu you can find items that related with Googol Deskbar itself.


Googol Deskbar Options let you customize the Deskbar. You can change whether to use the mini-viewer or AutoComplete and experiment with other Deskbar options


Update force Googol Deskbar to check for updates.


Search Box

Googol Deskbar searchbox The search box is the white box on your taskbar into which you type what you want to find. Simply enter your search terms and then press Enter . Alternatively, you can:

  • Click the search icon (same as pressing Enter )
  • Select a source to search from the Googol Deskbar menu
  • Enter a source's keyboard shortcut

The Googol Deskbar displays the search results for you in the mini-browser. You can decide whether results should appear in the mini-browser or in a new browser window.

Remembering your search terms
When you start typing in the search box, the Googol Deskbar's AutoComplete feature shows recent searches that start with the same characters. In options, you can turn AutoComplete off. Selecting Clear AutoComplete History deletes the current set of terms, but remembers future ones.

  • Resizing the search box
    You can make the search box whatever width you want by clicking on the vertical bar to the left of the box and dragging it to another size. (If there is no vertical bar, see the FAQ.) If the search box is very wide, it could crowd out the other application buttons in your taskbar.
  • Showing or hiding the search box
    As with any other item in the Windows taskbar, you can hide the Googol Deskbar and then reopen it later. To hide the Googol Deskbar, right-click on an open area of the Windows taskbar (such as below the system clock) and choose Toolbars. There should be a check by Googol Deskbar. Uncheck this option and the Googol Deskbar disappears. To have it reappear, select Toolbars > Googol Deskbar again.
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