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Googol Deskbar FAQ

What is the Googol Deskbar?

The Googol Deskbar is a small application that sits in your Windows taskbar. Googol Deskbar lets you search the web right from taskbar. It allows to preview search results in handy mini-browser. The Googol Deskbar allows you to search many search engines and services, it also allows you to use deskbar as a tool, for example for SEO tool, network tool, tool for webmasters etc.

How it can help me?

The Googol Deskbar gives you the ability to search the web without forcing you to stop the work you're doing. You don't need to leave the document you're editing to find a fact, check your spelling or use a calculator. You don't even have to lift your fingers from the keyboard. The Googol Deskbar supports keyboard commands that enable you to conduct a search on text you've selected using Google web search (Control+Alt+G), Google Groups search (Control+U), Google image search (Control+I) or Froogle (Control+F), or to display definitions for the highlighted term that Google has found on the web (Control+D). Your search results are displayed in a mini-browser that rises from the taskbar and automatically closes when you click back to your previous window.

My results displayed at small window at the bottom of my screen.

When the mini-browser feature of the Googol Deskbar is enabled, your search results are displayed in a small window which appears in the lower-right area of your screen. The window closes automatically when you click away from it. You may find this a convenient way to look at your search results while keeping your other applications visible on your screen. Or you may find it an eye strain, in which case you have three options.

To make the mini-browser window bigger, drag its top-left corner until it's the size you prefer. Or click on the arrow icon in the top-left corner of the mini-browser to launch a new browser window with the same search results. Or simply disable the mini-browser using the Googol Deskbar Options dialog box. Doing this causes your searches to be displayed in a "regular" Internet Explorer browser window.

Does the Googol Deskbar send any information about me or my activity?

No, we donít collect ANY information. Nor information about you, nor information about what you are doing or searching. We care about your privacy. It easily can be proven by running any http sniffer, for example HTTPLook.

Is the Googol Deskbar includes adware?

No. The Googol Deskbar doesnít show you any pop-up windows or embedded banners and wonít do it ever. The only ad incorporated is ad showed by search engines, services themselves as youíd open webpage in your browser.

What are system requirements?

The Googol Deskbar runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. It requires about 750 Kb on your harddrive.

I installed the Googol Deskbar, but I donít see it. Where is it?

If you don't see the Googol Deskbar, right-click an open area of the Windows taskbar (for example, right below the system clock) and choose Toolbars > Googol Deskbar.

It's too big/it's too small. How do I make it just right?

First, make sure the taskbar is not locked. In an open space of the taskbar (for example, below the clock) right-click to open the taskbar menu. Make sure that Lock the Toolbar is not checked. Next, place the mouse over the vertical bar to the left of the search box and drag it to the size you want. You can now relock the toolbar in the new configuration, but that's not absolutely necessary.

How to uninstall the Googol Deskbar?

To remove the Googol Deskbar, open your Control Panel and then click on Add/Remove Programs. Find Googol Deskbar in a list and choose to remove it. After reboot the Googol Deskbar will be completely removed.

How can I get update?

The Googol Deskbar checks Googol web site once a week to see if a new version is available and will inform you when an update is released. The Googol Deskbar does not automatically update itself, but you can choose to install the most recent update at any time.

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