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About Googol Deskbar

Back to 2003 Google released the most useful tool. Googol Deskbar made life easier for all who used and searched the web. We quickly become highly addicted to this small and powerful utility. But then Google suddenly abandon development of deskbar and switched to Google Desktop. That is completely another tool.

After several years of waiting we started our own deskbar. We added a lot of more useful things in this deskbar, like specialized layouts.

We look forward to get involved everyone who uses this tool. Please write us. Let us know what you think about Googol deskbar. Suggest new services, layouts and features. We hope to collaborate with you to make translation of this deskbar to other languages.

We have a dream. A dream when Googol Deskbar will be installed on all PC's around the world. This is passion and we believe in it. All dreams come true. Like it was with founders of Apple, Microsoft, Google and all other great technology companies.

This deskbar is absolutely free. We just put there some our affiliate links in hope to cover our expenses and allocate budget for future development. We also will be glad to receive you suggestion and ides on how to monetize it. Please note that we care about privacy and won't collect any personal information about our users or won't implement any adware, because it sucks.

We wish you all the best!

And search the web in smart way.

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