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No Spyware, Adware or Malware. Tested and verified Absolutely Freeware Compatable with Windows Vista

Googol Deskbar lets you search the web right from your Windows taskbar. Press Ctrl+Alt+G in any application and start search instantly.

Search faster

Search the web right from your Windows taskbar. Just type your query and press Enter.

Search anytime

Googol Deskbar Quick Search boxPress Ctrl+Alt+G to start searching from any application. Or press Ctrl+Alt+Z to raise big quick search box.

Search anything

Search web, images, video, blogs, forums, software from desktopSearch web, images, video, blogs, forums, software, maps, music ….

Search anywhere

Search different search enginesUse different search engines to find what you want. Switch to local search engines: Russian, Dutch and French.

Gmail at your fingertips

Check and read Gmail on desktopCheck and read Gmail anytime you want. Just switch to deskbar and press Ctrl+C.

Use handy utilities

Use handy utilities for webmasters and developersMany on-line utilities for Web-masters and Developers are included.

How it works

The Googol Deskbar is a small application that sits in your Windows taskbar. Googol Deskbar lets you search the web right from taskbar.

Googol Deskbar mini browserSearch results can be displayed in small window (mini-browser) or your default browser.

Googol Deskbar in float modeGoogol Deskbar can work in docked and float mode. In dock mode deskbar are placed in your taskbar. In float mode deskbar looks like small rectangle which you can drag and drop anywhere.

Googol Deskbar use layouts to completely change funcionality and design. Each layout includes preset of search engines and functionality. For example Web master layout includes utilities and engines useful for webmasters. SEO layout includes utilities for search engine optimization.

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